An interactive and fun experience went viral at the Mini Maker faire 2016, Bangalore. It became every kid’s favourite, the morphed characters which were given life to by not only the kids but of a diverse age group. Intention was to have their family/friends portrait or self portrait as a graphical representation, which was sent to their emails entered at the event. Polymorphs are Digital avatars of real people which is inspired by fictional characters from the Fantastic Four film. Soon coming up with the next version of Polymorphs, where you can interact with your 3D versions, live on the web.

Its application can be seen in Fashion, Retail, Smart Homes, Smart Hospitals and Education sector. We write custom-made software to make the graphically rich interfaces possible, for a live interaction, online and offline, both.



Monumental Orchestra



This self initiated project stem from the idea that our voice reverberates differently in the various lengths and breadths of Monuments. Monumental Orchestra was to investigate how each cityscape has a unique soundscape. Would urban architecture sound different from that of an ancient architecture? How does sound travel in such landscapes or even monumental structures? Can cityscape make their own symphonies?

These were some of the investigation points from where this project originated. It is in the process of developing into an app, where anyone can draw a structure or a form and generate music with it. This project was made with the help of Pure data and Processing.




Nadi – Kinetics of yoga



Nadi is a performance based art piece which investigates the kinetics of the body through three beautiful series of visualscapes. It is a live interactive art show to exhibit the beauty and harmony Yoga practice entails. First series, the Linear Trail is a sculpture made by the sequence of Surya Namaskar, which radiates the duality of Human system. Second series is the Radial Trail. Third, is Particle Trail which visually demonstrate the Energy field built around the Human body as one segues into the sequential pattern of Surya Namaskar.
More on nadi.timeblur.io


Rain – Yogarambh



For the first Yoga International day festival in Bangalore at Presidential Towers, Yeshwantpur, we built an interactive space “Interactive Rain”. The space was built in a 20 by 14 feet enclosed space, with a screen 12 feet wide. The sensorial space was designed specially for all age group, it was fun and interactive, at the same time had a thematic resonance with the festival. There is a short video of the event. More on event page – Yogarambh 2015.